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四级答案 | 真正的勇士敢于直面四级答案四级听力卷一Section A1. CSet up a mobile phone n
四级答案 | 真正的勇士敢于直面四级答案



Section A

1. CSet up a mobile phone network on the moon.

2.AIt is stable.

3. BNo injuries were yet reported.

4. BPull down the deserted shopping mall.

5. DInsufficient potato supply.

6.CIt is afraid of the spread of disease.

7. AGlobal warming

Section B

8. CDull.

9. DShe takes notes.

10. AIt keeps her mind active.

11.BIt helps her better remember what she learns.

12. ATo spend her honeymoon.

13.AIn memory of a princess.

14. DIt has walls decorated with jewels.

15.BThey are mostly crowded.

Section C

16. CThey provide residents with the resources needed.

17. BBy inspiring their creativity.

18. DTheir number increased modestly

19.CIt is an unusual cross breed.

20. AThey are as loyal as dogs.

21.CThey shower with them.

22. DExcited but somewhat sad.

23. AIt starts the moment they are born.

24. DSet a good example for them to follow.

25.BTheir home life.


Section A

1. DA man was pulled to safety after a building collapse.

2. BHe was collecting building materials.

3. CChange British peoples negative view of maths.

4. APrimary school teachers understand basic maths concepts.

5. DHe held a part-time job for over 20 years.

6.AHe can change his focus of attention and relax.

7. BThey rarely recognised him.

Section B

8. AThey saw a business opportunity there.

9.DProvide quality furniture at affordable prices.

10.BThey all come from Romania.

11.CAll across Europe.

12. CTry out a new restaurant together in town.

13.AIt provides information on local s.

14.BThey go to eat at different stylish restaurants.

15.DThis years Restaurant Week will start soon.

Section C

16.BExposing them to vegetables repeatedly.

17. DThey were disliked most by children.

18. CChildrens eating habits can be changed.

19. AA lot of garbage has been left on the moon.

20. CIt is costly to bring back.

21.DStudy the effect of radiation and vacuum on its materials.

22. DIt is likely to remain a means of business communication.

23. AMake a timely response.

24. BIt requires no reply.

25. CAvoid using capitals for emphasis.



26. FDamage

27. Bassociated

28. Msources

29. Dconstant

30. Gdescribed

31. Econtrol

32. Hequals

33. Kregularly

34. Iexclusively

35. Ovehicles


Food-as-medicine Movement is witnessing progress

35-40 DBGFI41-45FCJEG

36. More than half of the food Americans eat is factory-produced

37. There is a special program that assigns doctors to give advice to shoppers in food sores.

38 There is growing evidence from research that food helps patiens recover from various finesse.

39. A healthy breakfast can be prepared quickly and easily

4o.Training a patient to prepare healthy food can change their life

41. One food-asmedicine program not only prescribes food for treatment but teaches patients how to cook it.

42.Scott i not keen on cooking food herself thinking it would simply be a waste of time.

43. Diabetes patients are advised to eat more plant-based food.

44 Using food as medic no s no novel idea but the movement is ng headway these days.

45 Americans high rates of various illnesses result from the way they eat.


46.答案:B—By drawing water from the depths of the earth

47.答案:B—It was not considered worth the expense

48. 答案:A—The sinking of land surface

49.答案:D—They provide a steady supply of freshwater

50.答案:C—The cost may go up due to desalination


51. 答案: D—Computers can become highly intelligence

52.答案: C—They make sensible decisions when facing moral dilemmas

53.答案: B—How to ensure that super-intelligent A machines act ethically

54.答案:A—She could not distinguish good from bad

65. 答案:D—it will be here to stay whatever the outcome



26. Iremedies


28. Hrecommended

29. Chesitant

30. Oworse

31. Bexperiences

32. Jscared

33. Mpressured

34. Lsink

35. Elessen


Is it really OK to eat food thats fallen on the floor

36-40 FCLEA41-45 NMDKH

36.A research project found bacteria made their way to the food on the floor in five second.

37. Whether food is contaminated depends much on the number of bacteria that set onto it.

38. Food contamination may result. from various factors other than food dropping on the floor.

39. Males are less likely than females to eat food that may have been contaminated.

40. The authors research centers around how food gets contaminated.

41. Keeping every thing clean is the best way to stay healthy.

42. Chances are you will not fall sick because of eating food picked up from the floor.

43. For a long time people have had the experience of deciding whether or not to eat food picked up from the floor.

44. Some strains of bacteria are so harmful that a tiny few can have deadly consequences.

45. Researchers found how many bacteria got into the food did not have much to do with how long the food stayed on a contaminated floor.


46.答案:C-They have a natural ability to locate animals they hunt.

47.答案:D- Their mastery of cause and effect.

48.答案:B- They rely mainly on their hearing

49.答案:A- hey focus on what appears odd

50.答案: B- They interact with the physical world much like humans.


51.答案:A- People would be driving in a more civilized way.

52.答案:A-They could enjoy greater mobility.

53.答案:D-Numerous professional drivers would have to find new ways of earning a living

54.答案:B- Retaining of employees.

55.答案: C- Enable everyone to benefit from new technologies.



26. Iwarning

27. Bconvenience

28. Fparticularly

29. Lsurveyed

3O. Ceffectively

31. Eintimate

32. Junfriendly

33. Kspecific

34. Gprimary

35. Aavoid


How a poor abandoned parisian boy became a top chef

36-40 GMFCE 41-45DAHKB

36. Careme was among the first chefs who stressed both the appearance and flavor of dishes.

37. Careme waned to show to later generations that French chefs of his time were most world.

38. Creme benefited greatly from serving a French diplomat and his connections.

39. Carers learned his trade from a famous dessert chef in Paris.

40. Caremes creative works were exhibited in the shop windows by his master.

41caremes knowledge of art and architecture helped him create extraordinary out of ordinary ingredient.

42. Many people in Paris were eager to have a look at the Latest sweet food made by care.

43. Careme became extremely wealthy by cooking for rich and socially ambitious families.

44. Carem因此将有一周时间无法接受任何审批。今年的寒假从12月21日至12月28日。苹果发言人拒绝发表评论。es writing dealt with fundamental cooking principles in a systematic way.

45.Caremes contribution to French cooking was revolutionary


46. 答案:A-The security camera inst intrude into their privacy

47. 答案:D- Etiquette around home security cameras.

48.答案: C- Likes and dislikes of individuals

49.答案: B-It can prove their innocence

50.答案: B-It can prove their innocence

第二篇: PepsiCo公司进行新的产品计划

51. 答案:C- to satisfy the growing needs for healthy foods.

52.答案: D- Keep on improving its products

53. 答案:A-To ensure the company s future development

54.答案: C-it is attributable to people s changed lifestyles

55.答案: B- increasing its research funding




Due to the rapid development of communications network, the number of smartphone users in China has increased at an astounding speed in recent years, which greatly changes many peoples way of reading. Now they usually read news and articles on their smart phones instead of buying traditional newspapers and magazines. The developing of a large number of Mobile apps enables people to read novels and other forms of literature via cell phones. Therefore, the sale of paper books is affected. But the survey shows that though the market of reading on cellphones is growing steadily, over half of adults still love reading paper books.




During the past few years, the mobile payment market has been booming in China. With the emergence of mobile Internet, mobile shopping has gradually become a trend. Young people aged 18 to 30 constitute the largest group in the mobile payment market. Because it is so easy to pay with mobile phones now, many consumers prefer to pay with mobile phones rather than cash or credit cards when shopping. In order to encourage people to spend/consume more, many stores give discounts to customers who use mobile payment. Experts predict that the potential of Chinas mobile payment is still huge in the future.



Today, more and more Chinese cant leave phones. Many of them, including old people, use phone apps to keep in touch and make more friends. They also use phones for shopping and searching information as phones are easy to carry. Besides, the communication by mobile apps is cheaper than that by traditional phones. However, the new trend makes people rely on phones too much. In fact,some young men have become so addicted that they ignore the face-to-face communication with their family members and friends.




Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on

The challenge of starting a career after graduation.

You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


Nowadays, more and more graduates are inclined to start a career after graduation, however, considering the current employment circumstance, it is undoubtedly that setting up a business of their own would be bound to meet quite a lot of challenges.

To be specific, there proves to be a cruel reality that we cannot ignore that entrepreneurship requires some basic qualifications, including appropriate opportunities, initial capital, social resources and management ability, the majority of which, unfortunately, happens to be the student entrepreneurs shortage. In addition, the fiercer competition and mature market inevitably and correspondingly evolve into the emerging handicap to launch a business successfully, which present higher demand for students.

Therefore, as an undergraduate, in my own view, we should make a rational plan, accumulate related experience and build up a network before starting our own business.



Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenge of studying abroad. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words .


Along with the development of globalization, more and more issues are brought to our attention, one of the most heatedly discussed issues is working abroad. Undoubtedly, it poses not only chances but also challenges to the people.

There are a host of factors might contribute to the problem. One of the most common factors is mental pressure. Far away from families and friends, it is inevitable to feel a sense of solitary. Another contributing cause is culture difference, which prs us from communicating with foreigners to a large extent. In other words, we are not confident enough to come out of our comfort zone to embrace the challenge and succumb to the difficulties.

Confronted with such problems,we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. First and foremost, confronted with great pressure, the best method is to communicate with friends or family members to unburden the feelings. Also, the universities and colleges should also pay more attention to graduates’ mental health and take effective actions such as providing psychological service for students helping them to deal with mental problems. Furthermore, a little bravery can result in the possibility of success when confronted with something unknown. Meanwhile, the sense of never giving up enhances one’s self-confidence. This makes one more likely to try new things, opening up even more new opportunities. With the efforts of all parts concerned, the problem will be solved thoroughly.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenges of living in a big city. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


A considerable number of people, youngsters in particular, prefer living in big cities. After all, big cities may bring them more and better job opportunities to help them fulfill their potential.

However, there are certain challenges for those who choose to reside in large cities, especially metropolis like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. To begin with, because of fierce competition, average citizens in big cities tend to suffer greater mental pressure, which is a common phenomenon. In addition, though most people can gain better salaries in big cities than those in small towns, they find it still hard to afford an apartment, due to the excessively high housing price. Finally, it is the large population in big cities that results in other challenges in daily life. A case in point is the road congestion. No one in big cities deems it comfortable to take the rush-hour subway, which is usually too crowded.

I, as a youngster, deem that it is of great necessity for us to face these challenges with courage, provided that we intend to work or live in large cities. Every one should bear in mind that any challenge means an opportunity to enhance ourselves.

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